Explosive Tribal- Trance Experience
Hailing from Israel 🇮🇱

Noa Zulu – Didgeridoo, Djembe, Trumpet
Nitay Zelniker - Taiko Drums
Eran Asias - Drum Set

Carmel De Picciotto - sound and FX

SavannA's music - a meeting point between Three musicians who have been following their musical path for many years on three different continents: Noa Zulu in Africa, Nitay Zelniker in Asia, and Eran Asias in The United States.

Noa and Nitay are siblings. From an early age, they are walking side by side in their musical journey, fulfilling a passionate dream to perform together and touch the crowd hearts with their connection.
In the third year of savanna's life, they were looking for a new drummer- the third perfect piece for the band. after many auditions, they found Eran Asias - a drummer who blew their minds off with his unique sound. Eran had an immediate connection to savanna's vision and immediately became a part of the band.

Savanna has a truly unique instrumentation:
Tribal Aboriginal didgeridoo, Traditional Japanese taiko drums, and an urban modern drum set. A sound that together creates a powerful wave of energy and is gonna make you move your feet.

Savanna has been featured on main stages of many festivals in Israel such as: "Imagine Festival", "Sunbeat Festival" , "Red Sea Eco Festival" , "Osho festival" "the Israel's Yoga Festival","The Didgerido Festival" and many more and also took a part in unique productions such as "Release The Dragon" & "Tribal Independence", in students events, private events and more. ..
Savanna's music generates happiness, a sense of freedom and a higher state of mind, with the goal of creating an experience that’s gonna resonate with the listener even after the show.

The demand for this unique style is on the rise in music scenes all over the world, as the crowd for live acoustic trance is growing steadily in the US, Japan, Australia, and in European countries like France, England and Portugal. Israel is well known for supplying electronic trance producers which are known to lead this music scene all over the world, and now… it's time to export from Israel a FULL LIVE acoustic trance group with a pure, artistic unique sound!