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a transitional zone between 3 different biomes...




Noa Zulu – Didgeridoo, Dgembe, Trumpet

Nitai Zelniker - Taiko Drums

Eran Asias - Drum Set


Carmel De Picciotto - sound and FX


As three regions meet at one point and become a new world – so does the band, Savanna; a meeting point between three talented musicians who have been following their musical path for many years on three different continents: Noa Zulu in Africa, Nitai Zelniker in Asia and Shi Nobel in America.

Each artist derives a unique style from their performing, living and traveling experiences in each of those three continents, and fuse their styles together in Israel to create a musical first – and give their crowd the unexpected… the


Tribal Taiko Acoustic Trance experience!


Savanna is a first in the fusion of the tribal didgeridoo, meditative Japanese traditional taiko and the urban modern drum set, creating a powerful wave bound to capture all audiences.


The demand for this unique style is on the rise in music scenes all over the world, as the crowd for live acoustic trance is growing steadily in the US, Japan, Australia, and in European countries like France, England and Portugal. Israel is well known for supplying  electronic trance producers which are known to lead this kind of music scene all over the world, and now… it's time to export from Israel a FULL LIVE AND KICKiN’ acoustic trance group with a pure, artistic and cutting edge!