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Noa Zulu


Noa Zulu is a music producer and a didgeridoo artist, known for breaking boundaries in the tribal music scene along with her didgeridoo, winning the title of one of the world best didgeridoo artists.
Began her way in classical & Jazz as a trumpet and piano player, studied at “Rimon- school for contemporary music” and afterwards went into musical development In Puerto Rico, USA and Africa.

In 2006 she joined joined the legendary "Tribal Dance "
group that changed the tribal live music scene forever.
Noa has been performing and collaborating with musicians and ensambles from the electronic, mainstream and world music scenes, such as: DJ Darwish, Dj Indiana, Jade
System, Rising Dust, Jano, Marina Maximilian,Yael Deckelbaum, Rudi Bainessay, Yossi fine, Shye Bun Tzur, "Dreaming Elephants", "kabako"; and many more.
In summer 2018, Noa Zulu collaborated with KSHMR &amp Vini Vici on the big hit - "good Vibes Soldier" that crossed the million plays on YouTube.
At 2019, Noa has released her first tribal uplifting psytrance single "Higher Shelter" and gained her new musical level as an independent music producer!


Studied and trained in music and martial arts from a young age. at 2011 Nitay joined the zen drumming team, U-Theatre, living in the group training centre situated on the top of a mountain outside Taipei in taiwan where he trained intensively with the group members ffor few years.


After specializing in Taiwanese-style zen drumming, Nitay relocated to Japan in order to train and continue specializing with leading Japanese taiko drumming groups such as Shidara, Ondekoza and Hiryu.


After 5 years, Nitay returned to Israel to establish Taiko Life Israel, a professional Japanese/zen drumming team which today performs all over Israel.

Nitay had always felt a deep musical connection with his sister Noa Zulu, a didgeridoo musician.  They shared a vision of performing together.  Deeply influenced by the “Trible Dance” acoustic trance group, Nitay established “Savanna” together with Shi Nobel and Noa Zulu. Savanna is a dream which has come to life with the synthesis of the powerful taiko drums and the didg expressing the musical bond between brother and sister, never seen on stage before. Eran's drum beats on the drum set present the perfect frame in creating amazing tribal taiko live trance.



Eran started playing Drums at the age of Ten, studying at the Tel-Aviv Music Conservatory. He graduated with a Diploma of Excellence after completing his Eight years of studies. 

Eran moved to New York City in the year 2002 Toured and played with 
Patty Smyth, Julian Lennon, keith Mack, GALA and Many others. 

Some of his credits in the music industry include: 
TV appearance on CBS morning show with Julian Lennon. 
TV appearance on The Today Show and The Martha Stuart show with Gloria Estefan. 
TV appearance on the Univision Channel with Sonny Artist THALIA and EMI artist PEEWEE.  

Eran currently resides in Israel and he’s taking a part of the local music scene, playing with many different artists. 

Eran is Endorsing 
Vater Drum sticks and Evans drum heads.