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Noa Zulu is one of the world’s leading master didgeridoo players, well-known both in Israel and internationally in the party and festival scenes.


Having studied the jazz trumpet and piano at the famous Rimon School of Music, Zulu always experimented with various instruments both classic and traditional, and thus discovered the didgeridoo. It was in her travels in Africa - where Zulu was hosted by local tribes to research and take part in their unique tribal trance ceremonies, that Zulu was inspired to take the didgeridoo as her instrument and honed her talent to become the professional didgeridoo master that she is today. Zulu’s performing career progressed throughout her appearances in Europe, the US, as well as parts of Africa.

Zulu performed with the acoustic trance group “Tribal Dance” for several years and has established several performing ensembles including “Jade System”, and most recently,

“Savanna”- in which she is collaborating with her brother Nitai- a Taiko drummer, and Shi - a set drummer, and together they explore new expressions of tribal- trance music!

Zulu continuously collaborates and performs with various local and international musicians and artists (including Jano (Mexico), Rising Dust (Israel),  Darwish (Israel)and more ), appearing in clubs, events, festivals, and parties.  In addition to the joint performances with DJ Indiana, Zulu’s musical partnership with Indiana led to the founding of Zulu Productions, a music production company which hosts and organizes various events and festivals. In parallel, Zulu conducts trance meditation workshops alongside DJ Indiana, and is invited to appear in meditation and healing seminars all over Israel. Zulu’s magical sound mark is in the uniqueness and ingenuity of her playing as it naturally fuses western harmony with the deep tribal vibes associated with traditional spiritual healing. In constant exploration of new waves of sound and cultural inspiration, Zulu’s music is always inventive and excitingly unpredictable - a true wonder on stage.

To listen and view Noa’s work:

Soundcloud - Noa Zulu

 Youtube page - Noa Zulu

 Facebook page - Noa Zulu


Studied and trained in music and martial arts from a young age. In Taiwan, Nitay joined the zen drumming team, U-Theatre, living in the group training centre situated on the top of a mountain outside Taipei, where he trained intensively with the group members.


After specializing in the basics of Taiwanese-style zen drumming, Nitay relocated to Japan in order to train and continue specializing with leading Japanese taiko drumming groups such as Shidara, Ondekoza and Hiryu.

He then moved back to Taiwan to teach and continue collaboration works with U-Theatre members.


After 5 years, Nitay returned to Israel to establish Taiko Life, a professional Japanese/zen drumming team which today performs all over Israel.

Nitay had always felt a deep musical connection with his sister Noa Zulu, a didgeridoo musician.  They shared a vision of performing together.  Deeply influenced by the “Trible Dance” acoustic trance group, Nitay established “Savanna” together with Shi Nobel and his sister, Noa Zulu. Savanna is a dream which has come to life with the synthesis of the powerful taiko drums and the didg expressing the musical bond between brother and sister, never seen on stage before. Shi’s drum beats on the drum set present the perfect frame in creating amazing tribal taiko live trance.


Shi Nobel is a drum-set drummer who plays with Afropo, an African Israeli group and with Savanna, an acoustic taiko trance group.

Shi began playing on drums at the age of 12, participating in special music programs such as the "Rimon" music program for young talents, at age 16, and participated in the "Matan" summer camps for selected talented young artists. In 2007, Shi relocated to San Francisco, where he integrated with the local music scene playing with 2 major groups: an acoustic harp rock band and an electro acoustic group, mixing electronic and live drumming. Along with them, he performed live in known places in San Francisco and around the bay area, such as Radio Stanford  and Minna111.  In 2012, upon his return to Tel Aviv, Shi formed a new musical group together with Ulrich and Goya, two African artists who live in Tel Aviv, called “Afropo”, an African-style music group which plays all around Israel and in most top musical venues in Tel Aviv.

In 2016 Shi began Taiko drum lessons under the guidance of Nitai Zelniker. Collaborative works with Nitai, and later with his sister, Noa Zulu, led to the forming of the group “Savanna”. Though Savanna is a fairly young project,  it has developed quickly and is today showcased in various outdoor festivals and well-known clubs in Tel Aviv. 


 Nowadays, Shi performs both with Savanna and Afropo. Shi plays in intuitive style and has vast experience performing in numerous live shows, jam sessions and recordings.